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Dresses in Motion
Kathryn's dress collection worn at runway shows and photo shoots

This collection is designed using 100% recycled materials
including used plastic grocery bags, Styrofoam, moss sheets

The Phoenix, modeled by Suthe, just before the photo shoot The Phoenix, behind the scenes The Phoenix at a runway show The Phoenix during runway show
Autumn Leaves autumnleavesleft  
Oceanic Foam and Plastic or Princess modeled together Summer Moss Mini worn at a runway event Summer Moss Mini Autumn Leaves Runway Show
Oceanic Foam Runway event Oceanic Foam Runway event Oceanic Foam at a Runway event Award Winning Dress made from Styrofoam entitled "Oceanic Foam"
Autumn Leaves Dress Autumn Leaves at a runway event Award Winner "Plastic or Princess" designed by Kathryn Peterson "Plastic or Princess" recycled plastic grocery bags design by Kathryn Peterson