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For information on the current Watercolor Show, "The Cotswolds Then--San Diego Now" click here

Blue Lady by Kathryn Peterson, watercolor on paper Sleeping Mountain by Kathryn Peterson, watermedia on paper "Distant Denali" watermedia on paper, by Kathryn Peterson Shift, acrylic on canvas, by Kathryn Peterson
Blue Lady
Sleeping Mountain
Watermedia on pape
Distant Denali
Watermedia on paper
Acrylic on canvas
Kathryn Peterson's watercolor, The Predisio over Old Town, San Diego   The Prado at Balboa Park, San Diego, watercolor by Kathryn Peterson
The Presidio, Mission Hills
over Old Town San Diego


View From Kate Sessions
La Jolla Shores Children's Theater Balboa Park, San Diego, watercolor by Kathryn Peterson San Diego Harbor and Bay View from Kate Sessions Park
La Jolla Shoreline, San Diego
Balboa Park Children's Theater, San Diego
View From Kate Sessions, San Diego
Homage to the (Women's) Circle by Kathryn Peterson "Have a Heart" assemblage & acrylic on book by Kathryn Peterson Power Play, Oil and circuit board, by Kathyn Peterson
The Women's Circle
Hand sewing, 4 generations
Have a Heart
Acrylic, assemblage, on book
Power Play
Oil and circuit board, on panel
Lawn Bathers by Kathryn Peterson Date at the Diner" watercolor by Kathryn Peterson In The Woods
Lawn Bathers
Date at the Diner
In the Woods
Mariposa, by Kathryn Peterson, Zen Garden Salina Kneeling by Kathryn Peterson

Mixed Media Assemblage
13" X 13"
Award Winning

Zen Garden
Mixed Media Assemblage
11" X 14"
Salina Kneeling
Caran D'ache & Gouache
"16 X 27"
Creation Evolution pastel on paper by Kathryn Peterson
Dance of White, Black and Red painting in Gouache and Caran d'Ache
27" X 32"
"16 X 22"

This is Where We Are Now

Dance of White
Black & Red

Caran D'ache & Gouache
"Wedding Dance" Gouache by Kathryn Peterson "Plastic or Princess" recycled plastic grocery bags design by Kathryn Peterson Moss Mini Dress

Award Winning Dress made from Styrofoam entitled "Oceanic Foam"

Wedding Dance
20 X 33
Recycled Art Dress
Award Winning
Plastic or Princess?
Plastic Grocery Bags
Moss Mini
Moss, Styrofoam, Grocery Bag
Ladies Size 2-5
Recycled Art Dress
Award Winning
"Oceanic Foam"
Styrofoam Dinnerware & Shells
"The End", Mixed Media by Kathryn Peterson "Comandress" by Kathryn Peterson "Fine in the Cold" Acrylic on paper by Kathryn Peterson
"The End"
Mixed Media Award Winning
22 X 28
Acrylic on Yupo
11 X 14
18 X 24
Fembots by Kathryn Peterson "Parade Legs" by Kathryn Peterson "Guardian Legs" by Kathryn Peterson
Award Winner
Acrylic on PanelParade Legs
Acrylic on Yupo
Guardian Legs
Acrylic on Yupo
Summer Legs, Pastel by Kathryn Peterson "Wall Legs" Pastel by Kathryn Peterson "Drill Legs" pastel by Kathryn Peterson
Pastel on Paper Award Winning
22" X 30"

Wall of Legs
19" X 25"
Drill Legs
Pastel on Paper
23" X 28"
"You Belong to Me" acrylic on panel by Kathryn Peterson
"Cabbagehead" by Kathryn Peterson
"Goddess In the Garden" by Kathryn Peterson
You Belong to Me
Acrylic on Panel
12 X 12
Nurture & Nature
Acrylic/mixed/collage on panel
11 X 14
Goddess in the Garden
10 X 12
Supreme Victory by Kathryn Peterson
"Winged Victorious" acrylic by Kathryn Peterson
Winged Victory by Kathryn Peterson
Supreme Victory
Acrylic on Canvas
24 X 36

Winged Victorious
Acrylic on Canvas. Award Winning
24 X 36

Winged Victory
Acrylic on Canvas
24 X 36
Autumn Leaves Dress
Autumn Leaves Dress by Kathryn Peterson "Autumn Leaves" made from Plastic Grocery Bags
Autumn Leaves...Award Winning
Painted Recycled Grocery Bags
Autumn Leaves,,,Award Winning
Painted Recycled Grocery Bags

Autumn Leaves
Painted Recycled Grocery Bags

"Marriage" pastel by Kathyrn Peterson
"Nice Legs and Peacocks" Watercolor by Kathryn Peterson
"Botticelli's Glory" pastel by Kathryn Peterson
Pastel on Paper
Award Winning

After the Kings
18 X 24
Botticelli's Glory
Pastel, Award Winning
21 X 29
"The Goddess of Bad Decisions" Gouache by Kathryn Peterson

Travel Budget by Kathryn Peterson

The Heart of the Matter Collage, Acrylic by Kathryn Peterson

The Goddess of Bad Decisions
16 X 20
Travel Budget
Acrylic, Book, Man-made Crystals Award Winning
20 X 16
River Spirit
Collage Acrylic, Stones, Copper Award Winning
12 X 18
Thanks for the Memories
Kathryn Peterson's First Prize Winner "Dino My Canary"
Invention-Creation mixed/collage by Kathryn Peterson
Thanks for the Memories
Mixed Media Award Winning
18 X 24
"Dino My Canary"
Mixed Media. Award Winning
12 X 16
Acrylic/mixed/collage on panel
11 X 14 Award Winning
Photo 51 by Kathryn Peterson
Quiet Killer by Kathryn Peterson
Earthquake '64 by Kathryn Peterson
"The Purple Cloak" by Kathryn Peterson
Photo 51 (Rosalind Franklin)
Mixed Media
9 X 12
Quiet Killer
Acrylic, Book, Replica Gun
Award Winning. 16 X 20

Magnitude '64
Mixed Media
9 X 12
The Purple Cloak
Pastel, Cut Paper
19 X 25
Collective Wisdom by Kathryn Peterson Kathryn Peterson's "Dancing Backwards" "Surfin' the Surface" by Kathryn Peterson
Collective Wisdom
Collage. Award Winning
19 X 15
Dancing Backwards
Collage in 3-D. Award Winning
15 X 11 X 7
Surfin' the Surface
Mixed Media
9 X 11
Into A Loop by Kathryn Peterson "Gabrielle Alone" by Kathryn Peterson Photograph: Return to Eden
Into A Loop
Acrylic on Canvas
20 X 16
Gabrielle Alone
(from Renoir)
Mixed Media
8 X 10
Return to Eden
Photograph on board
Limited Edition sizes
"Jungle USA" Acrylic by Kathryn Peterson
Stepping Forward by Kathryn Peterson "Rothko's Lonely Inspiration" Pastel by Kathryn Peterson Girl With Blue Scarf by Kathryn Peterson
"Jungle USA"
Acrylic on Yupo
9 X 14
Stepping Forward, Acrylic
First Place Award
11 X 14
Rothko's Lonely Inspiration
Pastel on Paper
_ X _
Girl with Blue Scarf
Acrylic on Paper
10 X 14
"Dream Girl" Acrylic  by Kathryn Peterson   "Autumn Leaves"  headpiece
Dream Girl
Acrylic on Yupo
11 X 14
  Autumn Leaves
Preparing for the Show
One Desolate Glorious Day
Sunlit Dining Room watercolor by Kathryn Peterson
"(Escape to) East Jackson" Watercolor by Kathryn Peterson
"Desolate Glorious Day"
Watercolor. Award WInning
20 X 28
"Sunlit DIning Room"
Watercolor. Award Winning
18 X 28
"(Escape to) East Jackson"
18 X 22?
Time Keeper, watercolor by Kathryn Peterson  
"Time Keeper"
Watercolor. Award Winning
37 X 30
Water Factory by Kathryn Peterson

"Border Waiting"  by Kathryn Peterson

Lake Poway by Kathryn Peterson
Water Factory
Recycled Materials, copper, water bottle and box
12 X 18
"Border Wait"
Acrylic on Yupo
9 X 14
Lake Poway
14 X 14
  Art is available for sale. Ask about prints.  

Artist Statement

As a conceptual artist, I spend time deliberating materials and mode that best express the subject, to embed layers of meaning. 
Many of my pieces involve science or the human rights of women, and I enjoy using humor in many pieces.  

These artworks are watermarked to ensure copyright. The copyright for the images on this website belong to the artist unless the artist's
permission is granted or artist's copyright is specifically sold as a separate element. This includes reproducing these images in any form.

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